Our Process

Each company is unique, so we work diligently to match your needs with a custom solution.


  Understanding Your Vision

Whether it is an idea you've had for a long time or an organizational management problem for which you are seeking a solution, we are here to help. The first step is brainstorming, where we dive into your vision and together discuss the potential technologies available. At this stage we look to understand your company and dilemma through your eyes, and what you envision as a solution. Don't be afraid if you feel you don't have all of the answers or whether your vision is still unclear because this is only where we lay the foundation for an upcoming solution. We simply need to make sure we understand your main concerns so we can not only meet but exceed your expectations.


  Reviewing Your Processes

Beyond your vision, we need to gain our own perspective as to the business processes within your organization. Depending on the project this can require an in-depth analysis. For web applications that optimize internal processes or customer management, we work alongside the client and at times shadow them to ensure we understand the entire workflow. Often times it takes an outside perspective to recognize inefficiencies and as business intelligence specialists we are quick to recognize bottlenecks and redundant activity. With this additional insight we can develop a strategy that maximizes the impact for your organization.


  Aligning Your Branding

This step is only necessary for organizations looking to expand their online presence. Since your website will be one of the most important extensions of your brand, it is often a good time for small to medium sized companies to re-evaluate their current brand strategy. Your brand must convey an emotion that is inline with your target market and the product or service. If your organization has yet to create a brand, we can help but we must do so before creating the website because it is critical that they are in alignment.


  AGILE Development

At Surge we develop using the AGILE methodology. Rather than creating one plan at the beginning and developing everything at once, we divide the work into smaller iterations. While we maintain an overlying strategy and set of necessary requirements, building the solution in increments allows us to remain flexible. Throughout the development there are always elements that require adjustment and features that the client would like to add. Developing under this format we are able to ensure that the vision we have of the final product aligns with the expectation of the client throughout the entire process, leading to a perfectly tailored solution.