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It didn’t take long after meeting Jordan Denis, the owner of ECONO DECKS, that we were able to recognize the passion Jordan and his fiancé Clare had for their business. Filled with entrepreneurial spirit, the couple represent the hardworking businessmen building the Calgary of tomorrow.

To Jordan, ECONO DECKS was based on a straightforward concept: deliver a quality built product at a non-premium price. Focusing on decks and fences, Jordan wanted their branding and website to represent their work – clean cut, visually appealing and unpretentious.

Before Surge, ECONO DECKS had a temporary “build it yourself” site from GoDaddy that offered potential clients a place to find ECONO’s contact info. While businesses may argue it’s better than nothing, it will more likely turn potential clients away from your business as the quality of your website will be the only impression they have of the quality of your work. In this case, it was even more evident as the temporary site only showed projects in progress and was missing pictures of their completed beautiful work! After receiving the pictures of their past projects, we were blown away with the quality work not previously displayed, and made a specific effort to have the website show these photos off as a point of pride.

Relaying ideas back and forth with Jordan, we were able to create a brand around ECONO that he could promote with confidence. Logo, colour coding and of course web presence, ECONO DECKS has now added a few extra tools in their toolbox to build the business around a brand as solid as their work.