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We're moving into an era where more and more people are searching for goods and services online, and once they've found them they're ready to book and pay online. While having a secretary works, moving more or all of your payment systems online allows you to keep track of your entire sales pipeline more efficiently. Imagine having all of the figures at your fingertips for tracking the amount of people that visited your site, the items they were interested in, from there how many made purchases and potentially following up with a feedback form. With everything online, you can reduce your staffing requirements and as a manager save yourself time by reducing the burdens in the sales transaction. Given that all figures can be downloaded in Excel format, even your accounting can be managed more easily. From a marketing perspective, the integration of analytics tools from sites such as Google can also track the movement of your customers on your site, how long they spent on each page, all the way to what city they were from.

For services that involve repeat customers and scheduling, such as a landscape service, a well designed website could reduce your burdens. With the integration of recurring billing and a calendar feature, very quickly your clients could preschedule your service on a recurring basis, with all of the payments billed through your website. Clients could have a space to print off their upcoming schedule or change dates a with more than a week in advance to another timeslot you have listed as available on your calendar. Aside from reducing the staffing required, you could have peace of mind as your services are scheduled further into the future and your cash flows are sure to come online and on time.

Many companies use CRMs such as SalesForce to keep track of clients, but you can transfer this type of functionality to your website and have the information stored in your website's database. With online purchases, orders can be assigned automatically to different managers or suppliers depending on the product or service. Sections of the website can be created for those suppliers or managers to log in and check off that they received the order and later check off that the shipment was sent. Websites can even keep you up to date with reminders that a lead hasn't received a follow-up or that a manager didn't confirm the shipment. The tech wave is here, minimize your reliance on Excel spreadsheets, get updates on the important stuff and let your website take care of the rest!