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As the financial centre of Europe, London has become the recent point of blame for much of the financial crises. While the government is protecting its major financial institutions much like the U.S., the UK government is also taking a very progressive step forward with new legislation for alternative solutions.

The most fascinating development creating a buzz has been the legalization of crowd-investing. As we mentioned in our blog on Spain, where MegaFounder intended to create a Spanish crowd investing platform but remained inhibited by reg...


Seen as the Silicon Valley of Europe, or as they like to refer to it SiliconAllee, Berlin has become Europe’s hotspot for tech startups. With the rest of Europe in financial crisis, skilled young minds are making the move from their home country to Berlin. Meanwhile, investors from the UK and US are sending in scouts and establishing offices in the booming tech hub.

Why Berlin? Well, in spite of the foreign expectation that Germany would be a more expensive country to live in, the prices are very low. After passing through Barcelona and Madrid, the prices in Berlin for everything...


While it is plain to see the effects of the European crisis, we went in search of the emerging solutions.


With the Spanish banks in trouble from having over-lent on risky loans, they are now so strapped for cash and fearful they have halted almost all new lending. Not only are the banks not lending to businesses, many businesses are moving their money outside of the country to invest their own funds elsewhere. The situation is dire and the next generation of entrepreneurs are having a tough time finding work or funds to start their own business. Enter crowdfunding.


For those unfamiliar with crowd...


It didn’t take long after meeting Jordan Denis, the owner of ECONO DECKS, that we were able to recognize the passion Jordan and his fiancé Clare had for their business. Filled with entrepreneurial spirit, the couple represent the hardworking businessmen building the Calgary of tomorrow.

To Jordan, ECONO DECKS was based on a straightforward concept: deliver a quality built product at a non-premium price. Focusing on decks and fences, Jordan wanted their branding and website to represent their work – clean cut, visually appealing and unpretentious.

Before Surge, ECONO DECKS had a temporary “build it yourself” site from GoDaddy that o...


We're moving into an era where more and more people are searching for goods and services online, and once they've found them they're ready to book and pay online. While having a secretary works, moving more or all of your payment systems online allows you to keep track of your entire sales pipeline more efficiently. Imagine having all of the figures at your fingertips for tracking the amount of people that visited your site, the items they were interested in, from there how many made purchases and potentially following up with a feedback form. With everything online, you can reduce your staffing requirements and as a manager save yourse...


When you have a question you google it, when you need to send a contract you email it rather than fax it, so is it any wonder when most clients are looking to contract a company they search online rather than use the yellow pages?

We all tout the importance of first impressions, but many fall short in putting enough emphasis on their company's first impression - their website. After all, you wouldn't meet clients without ironing your shirt, yet some websites are filled with old clipart graphics, rigid structures and an overall level of quality is being surpassed in grade 6 computer classes.

As the face of your organization, your webs...